March 30, 2009

but is it an IGM?

i've been talking to people about inner geek moments, and i keep redefining it's definition. not so much in terms of "what is an IGM?" but more like, "this is definitely not an inner geek moment." i guess IGM is in NP. (heh.)

here are some clarifications: is it 'inner geek' moments, or inner 'geek moments'? i posit that everyone has a concept similar to 'inner geek.' but few have inner 'geek moments' and that is exactly what i am trying to catalog.

a few examples to help illustrate my point:
  • having a detailed discussion on continuous functions during dinner does not imply an IGM, this phenomena of geeking out happens often.
  • pondering a seemingly implausible statements using theorems about continuous functions while hiking in the mountains in spain could be seen as an inner geek moment.
(how many times will the words inner, geek, and moment appear in this blog?)

i also want to stress that inner geek moments are not restricted to math and computer science although those subjects tend to dominate mine. giving blood one day led me to this fabled question.

and does it feel weird that in a blog, i'm linking to posts in the future?

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