April 05, 2009

how many wrongs make a right?

i was chatting with my sister one day about the concept of inner geek moments, and it reminded me about the concept of being wrong repeatedly. we are all familiar with the phrase "two wrongs do not make a right." but i think there is actually a very common scenario to contradict this.
most people studying linguistics know about the concept of "the evolution of a language." i use it all the time when i make up words that strictly aren't a part of english but people listening know exactly what i am talking about. eventually the term or noun becomes used by a larger portion of the population, and in extreme cases will get entered into the OED. more commonly, the word will live on in urban dictionary.

current words looking to make it big:
so just think about it children: if you want to make it in the world of literary legitimacy, all you need to do is be wrong long enough and enough supporters thinking you are right.

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