August 17, 2009

is anything really possible?

so my club ultimate team just won our leagues end of season tournament, and there was a recurring theme in our huddles/prep-talks and such: this whole concept of "giving 110%"

now my inner geek compelled me to incite some friendly discussion, constantly stating that 110% is impossible, which normally got the response, "anything's possiblllleee!"


it seems like there are really a few ways that you can achieve the fabled 110%
  • there being a competition in which you give N% and your competitor is at (N-110)% so that your relative effort is 110%
  • have your reference point be fairly conservative, like running 110% faster than mikey or being 110% uglier than your mom.
  • being kevin garnett
  • slacking off during the calibration phase of your experiment so "100%" is easy to achieve.
  • pretty much as long as you frame your phrase with enough qualifiers that give people a frame of reference w/which to measure percentage, you should be good.
  • however the 110% absolute percent is still not possible.
another interpretation (it's all in the semantics) is possibly just giving someone 110% of the desired amount
  • think about gratuity at a restaurant
  • too much attention (stalker, much?)

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