July 07, 2009

a call for moments

hey there everyone.

i apologize for my lack of moments this past month or so, work and sports have ramped up quite a bit. this has a) reduced the number of environments in which i have the opportunity to have an inner geek moment, b) tired me out so that i have less energy to catalog and write out such moments, c) made me think about whether or not the ambitious goals that i had when originally starting this blog were realistic.

so i think that this might be an appropriate juncture to ask anyone else that feels like they have inner geek moments. i know people (hey julia!) started to allude to IGMs in other fields/topics/genres as well as being interested in contributing/sharing your own ideas here.

let me know if you are interested and i can set you up as an author on the blog, or just send me the text via email/carrier pidgeon (only those two methods of delivery accepted!) and i'll put it up!

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