July 08, 2009

drafting a draft about drafting

so i have been watching a lot of tour de france, and the thing that really amazes me is the reported 30% energy savings for a rider that is drafting. i totally can understand the physics behind this. i remember the vortex/drafting concept from my animal locomotion class at chicago. what i begin to wonder, is what non-sport related activities do people draft in? i guess to find the correct analogy, when do we take advantage of the wake left behind our "competitors?"

other "real world" opportunities to draft:
  • settlers of catan - you always want to be second place, have everyone gang up on the other dude and then slyly steal longest road and win!
  • having pregnant/married siblings or cousins - way to dodge that parental pressure
  • getting through crowded areas - a la Die Hard 3 (w/the ambulance and taxicab) or walking through a state fair or something.
any more?

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